Karen is the quinary antagonist in Five Nights at the Chum Bucket.

Appearance Edit

According to the creator, Dakota Wood (KentuckyFriedBlaziken), Karen uses the same model as Sandy Cheeks. Though this is true, Sandy and Karen are a bit different, that Karen has noticeable electrical green waves revolving around her.

In-game Edit

Karen will roam the Chum Bucket, heading to the office. Whenever Karen manifests in a room, the camera in that room will malfunction, and only static will be visible. Players must close the right door when they seen static in the Right Hall, as Karen does not appear in the door and Karen will appear and kill you if the player doesn't do so. You can also tell if Karen is in the office because it won’t let you into the camera.

Karen's usual route is Camera 5, Camera 3, the Meat Factory, the Stairs, and near the office.

Trivia Edit

  • Technically, she is the only new animatronic in the game, even though mostly all the animatronics could be defined "new" as well as they have all been "upgraded"
  • Karen and Sandy both share the same model and jump-scare animation.
  • On Camera 3, you can see (for a split second) Karen's electrical waves. The player can also physically see her for a frame in the Meat Factory's camera.
  • Karen's AI resembles Redman from One Night at Flumpty's, being that whatever camera she manifests in, will go to static. She also goes to one door, like Bonnie, Chica, or Redman.
  • It can also be said that Karen is similar to Freddy Fazbear (from the first game), as they both do not show up in the the door (Freddy's normal attack) before attacking the players.
  • Karen appears in the show as a computer made by Plankton, to be his wife.

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