I do put too much stuff on the internent. First I put my age on my DA profile. (It WAS 12) Now I'm 13 and I sent my confirmation to them. I swear it takes long! That has to be one of the reasons I hate deviantart, but I love it anyway. So at my extra recess, I was with my friend Hazal, I figured out a way to make PN Minnie not scary. For me to draw her. It totally took my fear away! I did it with all the characters in fact. For Pluto I just felt really bad for him, so I did him with white pupils. I still feel bad. His cute dog face! Although, I'm an Oswald fan. So you're questioning.. Why is she putting FNATI when it's on FNATCB? I'm bot their fans. I just don't really find FNATKK or FNATCB scary.

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